Saturday, April 16, 2016

Expectations . . .

I had a client on my bodytalk table last week who works as a principal for an elementary school. She remarked that her staff and the kids at school are all grumpy in April.

In Victoria, April can be difficult. Many of the blossoms (cherry, daffodil, forsythia) have come and gone, but it is still cold out. It is not warm enough to sit outside under the stars. It is not warm enough to slough off the cardigan, the jacket, the socks. The house could use a good cleaning but it's not warm enough to keep the doors open, wash the rugs, or enjoy hanging the laundry on the line. Grumpy. We want it to be summer but it is April.

We want to be in a relationship but we are single.
We want to go off on an adventure but we are married with kids.
We want to be the boss but we are bus person.

The key to health may be wanting what we have. 

I am single, for example. I love being single and I want a relationship is more full of choice than grudgingly accepting our marital status and letting that opinion make us weak.

I remember reading that the sage, Krisnamurtri, offered his secret to enlightenment. He said, I don't let things bother me.

We laugh. We guffaw. We quip, yeah, right! It can't be that easy.

Maybe it could.

If it is July and I want it to snow, I probably am not going to achieve that desire unless I get on a plane and travel to a country that has snow in July, right?

That makes sense.

Yet so often what we WANT is not here. Yet, we WANT it here. Not going to happen.

When we consistently deny reality, it is hard on the body. OUR IMMUNE SYSTEMS RELY ON CLEAR INFORMATION.

When we are born, our immune systems know THIS IS ME. THIS IS A PATHOGEN.

When we consistently doubt who we are, the immune system can begin to doubt itself too.
Is this me? Is this a pathogen? I'm not sure. Zap, flu virus proliferates. We get sick.

The body heals itself. Always. If you take a pill, the body must communicate effectively with that pill to use the information and apply it wisely.

What bodytalk consistently reveals is where the doubts arise. How the doubts are revealing themselves as symptoms, habits of mind, habits of physiology.

Not letting things bother you does not mean, have no desires, check out from pain.

On the contrary, show up fully. Experience what is happening here. The body is designed that way.
Why corrupt an awesome design?

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