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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Getting Back to Basics

Bodytalk Access

Last Saturday, I taught this Access class to 10 people in my living room. We spent six hours together learning key bodytalk techniques which I learned back in 2003. At lunch time, I asked one participant if she'd like a brief bodytalk session since she'd never experienced bodytalk before but had signed up for the course on a recommendation from a friend after reading my website and watching some BT videos. 

One item that came up was scars on the abdomen. I asked if any scars were present. No, but there are stretch marks. Okay, rub them in all directions while we tap it out. 

A few days later, the participant came in for a BT session. She said, You won't believe this. 

What's that? 

My stretch marks are gone. They've completely changed. I can't believe it, she said. 

Believe it. 

Getting back to basics is tapping out what comes up. 

Energy can be blocked by scars, adhesions, stretch marks or tattoos, any markings on the body. When these blocks are addressed, healing can then occur at all levels. 

In this case, these marks were part of a session dealing with allergies and dietary congestion. 

We are such complex ecosystems that working holistically is the best way to go. Analogous to a symphony, you may have the best string section nation-wide but if the other sections are impaired, the music will always be out of harmony. 

Acknowledging that the body balances itself and checks in on itself constantly to provide that harmony suggests that fewer interventions have the best effects. 

Bodytalk works with the body's innate wisdom to synchronize, communicate and balance. 

After teaching this class and seeing this woman's immediate response to the work, I am pulling out the old texts, reviewing technique, renewing my personal commitment to daily BT practice and sharing this experience here. 

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